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     Our design work is done with the most up to date technology and by some of the best designers in the Kansas City area.  Our designers are experts at working within insurance standards while calculating the system to be perfect for your facility and cost effective.

      Whether it be an installation of a new sprinkler system or a simple remodel, 24/7 should be your first choice when it comes to installing and designing your system.  Our design and installation teams collaborate to make sure the job is done in a timely manner while at a professional grade.

  • Inspections


At 24/7 our main concern is your concern, tell us how we can help you!

       When working with our installation teams on site, it's easy to see that we pride ourselves primarily on the safety and quality of our work but also the cleanliness and ability to coordinate with other contractors.

  • Installation and Design

      When it comes to fire protection a huge part is the peace of mind in knowing your system is ready for a fire.  At 24/7 we perform annual, semi-annual, quarterly and inspections on wet systems, dry systems, deluge, anti-freeze and any system in coordination with NFPA 25.         

        Backflow installation, maintenance and testing are all done by our certified fitters to ensure your system is operating to industry standards.