Amanda Eagan, Owner

Amanda obtained her Associate Arts in Business in 2006. She has over 15 years of experience at owning her own business. She is responsible for the accounting, project management, estimating and design. The only thing she isn't doing is actually installing the systems, she is leaving that to the experts in the Sprinkler Fitter's Union.

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The Sprinkler Fitters make the difference.

24/7 Fire Protection, LLC uses experienced Sprinkler Fitters from either Local Union 314 or Road Fitters Union 669. They are dedicated to providing award-winning service to our general contractors and customers. They will provide the highest industry standards in the workplace to ensure customer satisfaction. They possess world-class skills along with safe, efficient work practices on all jobs.

Bill Eagan, Sprinkler Fitter

Bill has been a Sprinkler Fitter for Local 314 of Kansas City, Missouri for over 20 years.

•    Install & repair fire sprinkler piping systems in the commercial and industrial sectors
•    Proficient knowledge of fire codes and responsibility for safety applications  
•    Install & maintain pressurized piping equipment and devices to supply fire protection
and extinguishing systems with water, foam, carbon dioxide and other clean agents
•    Site Safety / OSHA Compliance